JSH supports several projects in Jamaica located in the capital city of Kingston. Each project is developed and carried out by a Jamaican organization or school, supported by JSH. For a full list of our current and past partner schools, click here.

The current programme plan includes:

1. Education and training by supporting of youth and families

  • Literacy Programmes for Primary School children  through remedial reading classes, small group learning or one-on-one lessons to increase literacy rates of youth
  • Vocational training and life skills programmes  that provide youth with the ability to upgrade their academic skills while learning a trade, while receiving support from staff
  • Parenting programmes  through special parenting seminars and consultations to help parents positively engage with their children
  • Recreational and Cultural Activities for Youth that include physical education, music and drama classes, summer camp, team sports, music and drama competitions.

2. Training and Capacity Building of JSH Partner Organizations and Staff

  • Professional development/training for Jamaican staff focusing on developing teacher skills while also increasing the sense of teamwork among staff and parents or community organization staff and the public

**Over 900 Jamaican children, youth, and adults will benefit from these programmes this past year!

Building Partnership:

In addition to these projects, JSH organizes activities in Jamaica that enhance the capacity of all partners to be effective in their work. JSH facilitates workshops and meetings that bring together the partners to discuss current challenges and opportunities, or develop specific skills such as programme planning or project management. These meetings and discussions enable all participants to share their expertise as well as learn from one another, and they help to maintain a strong and mutually supportive relationship among all partners.

JSH Partnership Study 2013