On January 16, 2017 Rosemary Ganley, Joyce Mackenzie and Cathie Morrissey arrived in Kingston, Jamaica. Rosemary undertook research in preparation for the Ganley lecture taking place on March 9th at 7:30 pm. Joyce and Cathie met with personnel at our projects at St. Anne’s primary school and St. Margaret’s resource centre.



Joyce and Cathie visited St. Margaret’s Resource Centre to talk to Suzanne Smith, Manager of the centre. This picture shows a student working with the assistant woodworking teacher, Tishane. He was just recently hired to help the woodworking teacher The teacher said that he was so happy to finally have an assistant. This was the result of a very generous donor to JSH.




Looking over the walls of St. Anne’s primary school at the neighbourhood where the children live and the joyful faces of the children at St. Anne’s performing one of their favourite songs.


This is the neighbourhood of the children who go to the Tavares Gardens Primary school. The teachers here do their best to provide the children with an education. Unfortunately JSH has not been able to support projects at Tavares Gardens this year. We are hoping with the generosity of our donors and through fundraisers that we will be able to do so in the future.


The children at Tavares Gardens School have to play on a dirt playground, there is no grass at this inner-city school and there doesn’t seem to be any playground equipment either.
Project Monitoring Trip – January 2017

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