june 2015Jamaican Self-Help collaborated with other Peterborough-based community organizations for the Teach Outside the Box Social Justice Certificate. This was a unique opportunity for teacher candidates and educators to: 

1) Explore theories of anti-oppression from global and Indigenous perspectives 

2) Develop tools to integrate critical education into active learning spaces 

3) Participate in a workshop series and alternative community-based practicum 

The program required a 75 hour committment from participants between September 2014 and May 2015. There were four different workshops that had to be attended including, Introduction to Anti-Oppression Frameworks in the Classroom, Education for Change: Theory and Practice, Indigenous Ways of Teaching and Learning: What Can We Learn, and finally Connecting Community: Human Rights and Global Education. There were 20 participants who received their TEACH Certificate this year. For more information, please visit the KWIC website. 

**See attached document for more details: 2015 Lesson Plan – Grades 5/6

Here is a testimony from P. Michael Thomas-a reciepient of the TEACH Certificate who spent some time with Jamaican Self-Help during his certification:

“Affiliated with Trent University’s School of Professional Education, the TEACH Certificate program is an opportunity to become acquainted with Social Justice & Diversity issues within the realms of education and learning.  The program runs through a series of workshops focusing on issues such as racism, gender inequalities & stereotypes, mental health, classism, Aboriginal/Indigenous issues, representations of LGBTTQI2S, etc.  How do these topics (and so many others) get addressed within a classroom format, what popular knowledge exist as per interpretations of these topics, how do you teach literacy in a way that challenges the status quo of these issues and as a student teacher how do you create lesson plans to address such concerns,? 

The program is committed to incorporating Social Justice and diversity education as part of Trent University’s BEd program.  Workshops are constructed with significant student input while facilitated alongside various actors from within the Peterborough community, navigating along various “thinking outside the box” modalities to address students differentiated learning capabilities and concerns. 

Jamaican Self-Help (JSH) is an affiliate of the TEACH Certificate program as a non-governmental, registered charitable organization based in Peterborough, Ontario.  JSH has a mandate of “Empowering People and Building Community,” and supports education and community development programmes focusing on literacy, youth and skills development in Jamaica as well as the facilitation of education and engagement of Canadians on global issues.

Having West Indian roots, I deeply respected JSH’s desire to help improve the living circumstances of Jamaican (Caribbean) people by fostering self-sustaining programs such as literacy, skills training, community development and institutional strengthening.  In addition, JSH’s active education programme in Peterborough that works with Canadian youth on social justice and anti-poverty issues was equally appealing to my previous Social Work background.  

Through the placement, I learnt how to integrate a community organisation’s program into a formal classroom while developing educational curriculum tied to my education and background experience.  JSH provided an opportunity to contribute back to my Caribbean community while being a student at Trent University in Peterborough.  Suffice to say, kudos to JSH for promoting education and culture linking Canada to the Caribbean and vice versa.”

Teach Outside the Box Social Justice Certificate